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Artist Statement

My work portrays my female experience. I explore elements of collage and mixed media in my practice, while remaining grounded in painting. I abstract the female figure in order to challenge viewers to confront and consider their relationship with the representation and objectification of women. Through hyper-sexualized poses, sourced from advertisements and social media, the figures within my work highlight the power of media to construct false narratives of femininity.  I subvert the demeaning male gaze and gender stereotypes through  the use of camouflage; by blurring the lines between subject and object, I simultaneously highlight the female experience of being under constant observation. 


As I interrogate personal treatment and collective histories, I enable a safe space where viewers, including myself, can explore and reflect upon how patriarchy, femininity, and objectification are bound together. I seek to create an authentic expression of the complex female experience, by offering a unique representation of the multiplicities that encompass femininity. 

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