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Jalaina Felker received her BFA from Colorado State University for Art Education with a concentration in painting. She is expected to receive her MFA from Lesley University early 2024. Jalaina currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Her work deals with the female experience and disorienting the male gaze. Jalaina has exhibited and published multiple works in CURC (Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creativity), has been selected on multiple occasions for Colorado State University’s Annual Student Art Exhibition, and has work published in Photographers ForumBest of College and High School Photography, receiving honorable mention. 


As well as being a practicing artist, Jalaina Felker has dedicated herself to art education. In addition to teaching K-12 art, Jalaina is passionate about the arts and community outreach. She has volunteered in San Pancho, Mexico, and Lima, Peru, teaching workshops for local schools, and adults with special needs. After receiving her MFA she plans to teach at the university level.

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